Can I Sell My Palm Beach County House in Foreclosure?

Do you have a West Palm Beach Florida house that’s currently going through foreclosure? Many people in situations of foreclosure want to know if they can sell their house and let off the burden. If you too want to know then “Yes” is your answer. It’s a little complicated but you can sell your property … Continued

What Is the Foreclosure Notice Of Default in Florida?

If you have received a foreclosure notice of default and you have no idea about it, keep on reading to know more. Basically this is a document that has been filed by the lender to begin the foreclosure process. This notice will be sent to people who have an interest in your property (all other … Continued

House on Sale with Cash Payment

House on Sale with Cash Payment   Is it always advisable to sale your house in West Palm Beach on cash terms? Generally, the answer is No. There are many incentives to turn down the cash only payment offer, but sometimes you have to accept it. Here in this article we will discuss the cash payment … Continued